Dr. rer. nat. Karin Lenger, Dipl. Biochem, Doctor in Homeopathic Therapy

Karin Lenger, born in 1944, studied Biochemistry at the universities of Cologneand Tübingen and obtained her diploma and PhD at the Eberhard-Karls-Universitätin Tübingen/Germany. She continued to work at Tübingen Universityas a Scientific Assistant for the education and training of biochemists.Following this assignment, she worked for 12 years as a Scientific Assistant atthe Medical University in Lübeck/Germany at theInstitute for Molecular Biology, the Institute for Biochemical Endocrinologyand the Laboratory for Neurology. Her research covered, amongst other topics:enzymatic gene regulation by Nucleoside-Nucleotide-Phosphotransferases detectedby  Karin Lenger, cancer research,enzymatic mechanisms of steroid hormones, development of two-dimensional liquorelectrophoresis for the diagnosis of Multiple Scelerosis and other neurologicaldiseases. She also studied and researched into other applications ofelectrophoresis, such as the separation processes of deoxyribonucleosides,ribonucleosides from their mono-,di- and triphosphates (NMP, NDP and NTP) andof enzyme-steroidhormone-complexes from steroidhormones.

Dr. Lenger was a Lecturer at Lübeck University of Applied Science, where shelectured on “anorganic and organic chemistry”, “electro-chemistry” and the“analysis of water”. She then continued her scientific career as a ScientificAssistant and Lecturer for classical homeopathy at the DHU (the Germanhomeopathy Union) in Karlsruhe.She received her homeopathic education via seminars and courses given byVithoulkas, Dorcsi, Pfeiffer, Köhler, Gawlik and other well-known experthomeopaths, completing it with the four seminars of the “DZVhÄ” (German CentralAssociation of homeopathic Doctors).

Dr. Lenger has been working as a practising doctor for classical homeopathysince 1994. Besides running her practice in Offenbach,she continues to teach medical practitioners and students in her seminars forhomeopathy and its application in Switzerland(Zurich and Lugano), in Austria (Vienna)and in many cities in Germany(especially Berlin and Munich). Over the years she has developed the“biochemical homeopathy”, e.g. treating patients according to the “biochemicalpathways” by using substrates of pathological enzymes in high levels ofpotentization. Over the last few years she has achieved a major break-throughfor homeopathy by producing scientific proof of its functional effectiveness byapplying photon detection in high homeopathic potencies and using two differentmagnetic resonance methods.

She has in recent years given many lectures on this detection method at globalcongresses: the Summer-Schools in 2006, 2007 and 2008 of the Int. Inst. forBiophysics, D-41472 Neuss, Prof Dr. A.F. Popp; the General Assemblies of theECH in Brussels in 2006 and 2008; the 63 rd LMHI-World-Congress,20-24May, 2008, Ostend/ Belgium; the 4 th Meeting of Experts and Exchangeof Experiences, Prof. K. Meyl, Kirchheim/Munich; the “Elektronik-Schwille”, 25 thNov 2006; her lecture at the University in Ioannina, Greece, Nov.2007 and the64 th Congress of the LMHI 2009 Warsaw.

Dr. Karin Lenger’s intention is to prove and communicate the scientificphysical and biochemical background of homeopathy by providing reproducible andstatistically significant experimental results. From these results, herbiochemical and physical model of the function of homeopathy can be verifiedand validated. Dr. Lenger claims that even chronic diseases can be cured byapplying her method of “biochemical homeopathy”. To this end she uses highhomeopathic potentizations of nosods, of the venoms of snakes, scorpions andspiders and of all other usual remedies which production could be madeimpossible by legislation in Europe in future.